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Sep 5

A reason to celebrate?!

geschrieben von Birgit am 05/09/2018 19:10

I finished chemo two years ago.
Twenty-four months which I should have spent celebrating and enjoying life. But I haven’t…




What’s keeping me off?


It took me nearly two years to realize: the fear of secondary cancer!


I’ve been strong whilst undergoing chemo as having had all checks, scans etc. no signs of secondary cancer have been found and I told myself "You can do this! It’s worth it!”


The operation has been part of the treatment and as there have been a few other operations in the past I wasn’t scared of undergoing another one. It’s been just a tick on my to do list.


I’ve tried to return back to work and back to normal as quick ...


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Aug 15

A night out in... "Plymouth"

geschrieben von Birgit am 15/08/2018 19:35

On Monday (having spend all afternoon in the office in order to catch up on paperwork...) we've decided it's time for a treat!
And as a friend has sent some money a while ago with the comment "treat yourself to something nice" we've decided to go out for a meal. Something different... I've choosen a place in Plymouth: Turkish!
Menu and location have been promising. And Plymouth has been very welcoming with a wonderful (it's a summer evening to enjoy) atmosphere:
And as we haven't been to the restaurant before we've been walking around for a while until we found it...
 Very promising and inviting. And welcoming as well:

A warm welcome and a great selection of food has been waiting for us. 
The main course has been promising on the menu... looked ...


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Apr 5

We are crowdfunding!

geschrieben von Birgit am 05/04/2018 02:42

Continental Crumbs


A fairy tale?


Or a true story of passion and love?


Crowd funding in nowadays might be more common than it’s been before but still an unusual way raising money for various reasons. We’ve been thinking about it for a while with all the pros and cons related to it. But we are now up for it and hoping for your support!


Some "soft” facts:


Although most of you already know us I’d like to introduce ourselves:


Birgit & Oliver


We are both German and life has brought us to the UK many years ago.








We are Founder, Manager, Baker, Delivery Driver, Sales Representative, Cleaner, Book Keeper, Secretary, Technician (developing and fixing machines and cars) … of Continental Crumbs and a Couple!


We’ve got a great team which we can rely on and ...


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Mar 26


geschrieben von Birgit am 26/03/2018 15:47

May I introduce you to our SEEDED WHOLEGRAIN?




It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry…


My first thought was "soup” but when I went into our kitchen my eyes caught sight of a loaf of our SEEDED WHOLEGRAIN.


Mmh, what am I having it with?


It’s already tasty bread and would satisfy me just with a little bit spread on it. But my brain now started creating ideas. Our fridge made the final decision as not everything was available….





One of our basic bread which has been developed by myself.


A blend of wholegrain and plain white wheat flour is creating the basic dough which get’s an upgrade as we add plenty of sunflower seeds and linseeds.


Enjoy a slice of this tasty bread whilst health benefits come as a side effect:


For your start into the day:



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Mar 18

The beast from the east

geschrieben von Birgit am 18/03/2018 13:51

The beast from the east (part 1 and 2)


It’s Sunday the 18th of March and I should be at the Totnes Good Food Sunday whilst I’m sitting in front of my computer writing my blog. Not sure how I feel about it as I’m enjoying a day off whilst the snow is falling outside creating a wonderful looking landscape. I’ve been already out earlier walking my dog and left the first footprints in the snow. What a magical moment!


A moment I forget about the impact it’s having on our business! And not just ours…! I recon all small and even large businesses are suffering from the unusual circumstances (unless you are selling icing salt or any equipment to do with snow).


It’s catching everyone at a time when the sale is already down. January and February are usually quiet as some have overspent on Christmas ...


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