Our Unique Bread Range

Here is something you may should know about our Bread:
- We are not a factory, every loaf is handmade
- Our bread keeps fresh for about 4-5 days
- We know exactly what's in the bread
- We use baking paper to bake in tins
- We do not use ready bread mixes
- We do not use any preservatives
- We use high quality ingredients 
- All bread is vegetarian

Beetroot Bread

code: BRB

      4.30 GBP

Olive Bread

code: OLB

      4.30 GBP

Walnut Bread

code: WNB

      3.90 GBP

Seeded Wholegrain

code: SWG

      3.20 GBP

Cheese Bread

code: CB

      4.20 GBP

Chilli Cheese Bread

code: CCB

      4.30 GBP

Garlic and Herbs Bread

code: GHB

      3.80 GBP

Plain Sour Dough

code: PSD

      2.50 GBP

Cheese & Onion Bread

code: COB

      4.30 GBP

Wholegrain Bread

code: WGB

      2.90 GBP

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