Continental Crumbs


9 Years of Passion and Love baking Biscuit and Bread here in Devon are behind us.  And all the positive feedback from our customers keeps us going.

If you are not living close enough to buy our bread please visit our webshop. With a next day delivery service we try to supply as fresh as possible.

We are not using any additives or ready made bread mixes. For the base loaf we Just use flour (Spelt, Rye, Wheat), water, a fraction of yeast and that's it! And of course (depending on the bread type) our Seeds, Herbs, Cheese, Nuts, Raisins and crushed Chilis.

In April 2018 Continental Crumbs is Crowdfunding:

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It all started in 2009 generating some extra income whilst baking in my spare time. One of my favourite hobbies…


Then it turned into a dream: running a bakery – my own business!